Ten years ago I had my stomach removed to prevent cancer. As a result, my body no longer absorbed vitamin B12, or iron. I had to have B12 injections, and I dreaded it! I had my blood work checked regularly, and even with the injections my levels were barely inside the normal range. The month after I started the Spray For Life B12 spray (instead of injections) my B12 levels were 3 times higher than the normal range, my doctor was shocked! I told him about the sprays and he fully supported my decision to discontinue the injections. I have been taking the full line of sprays from Spray For Life, and I have never felt so much energy and mental clarity since before my surgery! I rarely get sick, and I don’t have to have iron infusions as frequently as I had before taking these sprays. I highly recommend these sprays to everyone because they are easier to take than pills, and your body absorbs the full dose instead of a partial amount that is normally lost in digestion. Thank you, Russ, for allowing me to throw away the syringes and giving me a better solution to managing my health! I look forward to your iron spray in the near future.

R. Barney, Kentucky.

I use this product in my clinical practice. I have long been a proponent of boosting Vitamin D above 65 in patients and disregard the suboptimal "reference range" of 30-100 as within range. The difficult part is getting patients into the optimal range, even with weekly 100,000iu intramuscular injections. This nano Spray For Life has really impressed me and changed the way I address patients with a Vitamin D deficiency. The first few times I did follow-up lab work on serum D levels I thought it was a lab reporting error by how quickly the levels increased. After several patients demonstrated the same increase I knew it could only be the product.

Dr. Ryan Brady, Miami

Hi Russell,

Just a quick note to let you know that I was thinking of you and have some wonderful news re: Christopher's Vitamin. D-3 and Calcium levels are awesome!

If you recall, Christopher is my godson and recently had a bone marrow transplant. His D and Calcium were dangerously low and you formulated a Calcium spray for him …which he has been using w/ the Spray For Life D-3 spray.

He recently had his levels checked, at Boston Children's, against the dangerously low baseline levels from July and he is doing great!

His mother, Tracey, will be sharing the news with her medical team in Ft. Lauderdale as they were interested to find out the efficacy of the spray supplements.

All wonderful news!

I am so genuinely grateful for your kindness and generosity and my hope is that Christopher's example will provide substantiation of your amazing products.

Tracey has your contact information and may be in touch soon.

God Bless!

I have been without a colon for 20 years and have always had issues with absorption of nutrients. Since starting to use the Spray For Life products a few years ago my nutrition, energy and general well-being has vastly improved. My doc is surprised with my numbers after my annual blood work, especially the vitamin levels. For me Spray For Life spray products are a life saver!

Mike H. Lake Placid, Florida

Last year, about this time of the year (Nov. - Dec.), I started having strange things happening to me. My hair started to fall out and was just not feeling right. I went for my annual physical and was advised that my b-12 and d levels were extremely low. My doctor gave me prescription for b-12 shots and vitamin d tablets.

Since you had given me the b-12 and d-3 Spray For Life products, which I never used as my health has always been pretty good and I do take a daily multiple. Unfortunately, as you can see, it’s not Spray For Life and look at my condition. I guess I just proved to myself that these pills don’t work.

I filled the prescription as directed by my doctor’s recommendation. Since I thought that taking the Spray For Life products might help my condition without taking pills and giving myself shots, I went to my doctor prior to using the prescriptions and asked him if I could substitute with the sprays. He read the labels on both products and said to give it a try and we will do a follow up.

I started feeling better very quickly and my hair actually stopped falling out. Typically for me, as I’m not a fan of doctor’s I didn't bother going for a recheck. About two months later I had to get a procedure done at the hospital and they had to do blood tests. When I asked for the results of the blood tests, they told me everything was fine. I asked them specifically about the b-12 and d levels and they told me above normal. All I can say is the Spray For Life products worked great for me and was a lot better remedy than giving myself shots and taking those nasty pills. I continue to spray the b-12 and d-3 I am feeling great and all of my hair is back. I probably should consider taking your nano multiple as well.

Thanks for your Spray For Life products they’re a tremendous blessing!!.

R. Berger, N. Carolina

Since I have been using the Spray For Life B-12 spray I have felt so much more energy! I use the treadmill every day. Sometimes, I have to use the treadmill at night and have been tired before I start. I have sprayed B-12 and after a few minutes feel so much more energy. This product has also greatly helped me in my ministry, as I travel so much. It has provided so much extra energy as I minister to so many people. It is truly an outstanding product! My wife has used the product too and it has greatly increased her energy. Taking this product is so much better than having to take B-12 shots. It also gets into the system so fast as you spray it into the mouth.

I highly recommend this product!

God Bless! Rev. Walker

My best friend’s 88 year old mother was very sick a few months ago. She had some kind of stomach virus. She became very depressed, very withdrawn and kept repeating,” I just don't want to live! Maybe it's my time to go?" I gave her the Vitamin B12 spray and asked her to just try it. She was hesitant but after the first spray, she said it tasted really good. She promised to use it twice a day. Within 24 hours, she was a new woman. My friend and I couldn't get over how much she had changed. Within two weeks, she was back to playing bridge and driving to see her friends! This product is amazing!

My best friend is Jane her Mom is Malvena they live in Boynton Beach, Florida.

As a post menopausal woman, I have had terrible times trying to get to sleep. After using this vitamin B12 spray, I am now able to fall asleep like a baby! I also use it for a pick me up when I feel low in energy. It's a gift from the universe!

Marcia D. Stuart, Florida

I have started taking Spray For Life B12 about 3 weeks ago. I am amazed at how fast my energy level has returned. I felt it the very first day. I work 12 hours a day and still have time to enjoy my family and friends when I get home. It has changed my life.

Mr. Demers Atlanta, Ga.

Unbelievable! It’s no wonder you call this product an energy booster.

Olivia G. San Francisco, Ca.

“I highly recommend Spray For Life products to my patients as a superior delivery system and as an effective treatment for specific health related problems.”

Lise M. Lambert, MD, Holy Cross Hospital, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

With my family and career keeping me on the go, there was always that time of the day an energy boost was needed. Spray for Life is exactly the type of product I was looking for. It’s safe, easy and tastes great. Being a mother and having to tend to three small boys each day, I’m always on the go. The B12 oral spray works well for me. It’s convenient and easy to use.

Between raising a family and our careers, both my wife and I are constantly on the move. Whether it be gathering the kids up and hiking off to sports or school, or the everyday activities of business, our energy levels are put to the test. Spray for Life’s B12 oral spray does keep our energy level consistent throughout the day.

When I was first introduced to the B12 I by a friend I must say that I was skeptical, but after reading a bit more about the product, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! Each administered spray is just the right amount to keep me going without feeling tired and sluggish.

Also, the Nano Melatonin is great and allows us to get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed for the next day.

Thanks for thinking about us busy moms and dads,

Shelly & Mario S. Boca Raton, Fl

When I was first introduced to the B12 by a friend, I must say that I was skeptical, but after reading a bit more about the product, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! Each administered spray is just the right amount to keep me going without feeling tired and sluggish. As a college student long hours in class and studying takes a toll on me. I rarely felt up to doing much else like the fun things a freshman suppose to do. So to me, college life seemed kind of boring. When a friend told me about how much he liked the B-12 spray I had to get one and give it a try. Since I’ve been using it every day, college life is so much more enjoyable now.

Marty B. USC, Ca.

For years I used coffee and tea for extra energy, but it only lasted for an hour or so. Since I’ve been on your B- 12 product, energy levels last all day with several sprays. It has improved my day to day life and now can work rings around my fellow workers.
This product has assisted me in my afternoon lulls. It keeps me up all day long. Whatever you do-do not take this in the late evening it will keep you up all night.

Marge K. Chicago, Il.

I’m a father of three and have a very busy schedule from working to sports, and other activities like cub scouts, it’s always good to take a supplement when I can, and when I remember. With Spray For Life the absorption rate is much higher than any other tablet. If it’s a supplement that you need an immediate effect as an energy booster B-12, you can get a fantastic burst of energy in a relatively short period of time.

Bill Kirkland, President for The Institute of Healthy Living

I like the way it’s engineered. I love the different flavors and I love the way it goes in instantly. I can use the B12 instantly, believe me.

Anita C. Ca.

B-12 is GREAT! I’m on the go a lot so I really need high energy. When I start my mornings and I don’t have enough energy I pop a couple of squirts, it really, really helps. I feel more vibrant and alive, ready for the day.

Maury Rosin, Real Estate Developer

“In my 30 years of evaluating manual red blood cells, I've never seen such rapid and positive change in my patients, not only in test results, but symptoms. Normally using a typical sublingual tablet or injection of vitamin B-12, it would take much longer to correct.”
Ellie Cullen, RN

Your Future Health, Tampa, FL

I have trouble getting to sleep at night and just take a few sprays of the melatonin, boom I’m out and I feel good the next morning.

Trisha Howell, Author Washington

Melatonin is GREAT!! I have a hard time actually sleeping at night and I have a hard time staying asleep. I wake up multiple times throughout the night. It could take forty minutes to an hour just to fall asleep and I take the spray melatonin twenty minutes before I go to sleep and fall asleep easily. I stay asleep throughout the night and enjoy it.

Josh Chase, Producer in Los Angeles

I believe that Spray for Life supplements are the best vitamins on the market. The nano technology is what makes the difference. I have tried other products and between choking on the pills or feeling nauseous, and on top of all of that not feeling any benefits from the other supplements, I have found Spray for Life the most beneficial vitamins I have ever taken. There are other spray vitamins out there and none of them can say that they are nano. A patent that only Spray for Life has which makes a tremendous difference. I can actually feel the difference, I know that I am absorbing the full potential of the vitamins and my energy level can attest to that. If you want to make a difference in your well being, Spray for Life Supplements is a great start in the morning. Besides the B-12 and the Sweet & Slim, I also recommend the melatonin which really helps with my sleep issues.

Kathleen L., Pompano Beach Fl.

I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia in 1990. I started B- 12 injections at that time and had been on 2 injections per month since then. That is over 480 intramuscular injections! I decided to try the Nano B-12 spray. I was very skeptical at first and had my B-12 level checked at regular intervals for 8 months. My level stays right where it should be at all times. No highs or lows. Just three sprays under the tongue twice a day. I automatically do it when I take my morning and evening medications. I am very pleased with the results and NO more injections.
Amy J. RN, Pennsylvania

Vitamin B-12 serum levels
(Started using Nano B-12 on 9/27/2010)

09/26/2010 371 pg/ml (prior to start of Nano B-12)
10/05/2010 449 pg/ml
10/15/2010 670 pg/ml
11/10/2010 637 pg/ml
12/07/2010 667 pg/ml
02/24/2011 527 pg/ml
05/12/2011 564 pg/ml

My wife and I have been using Spray For Life products for several years. Can't imagine not spraying every day. We especially like B 12, CoQ10, Vitamin D, Melatonin but also use the B Complex and Multi. We notice a real difference when we 'forget' or run out (autoship makes sense). Highly recommend the Spray For Life supplements to everyone!

M. Hulen, Stuart, Fl.

I’m 76 years old and need all the pep and go in this hustle and bustle world. B-12 spray to keep up with the house cleaning and shopping etc. and long walks with my husband. The B-12 spray has kept me feeling young and I have for my age beautiful skin and lots of shiny hair. Thanks Spray For Life. My doctor says you look great and sexy. Thank you NanoSynergy all the way to good health xxx.

Vena B

I’m the husband she’s referring to that takes long walks with her. I’m 80 and I have multiple heart difficulties, using COQ-10 spray consistently, I have been able to stabilize my condition, and reduce some of my prescribed medications. Thanks also for the melatonin which provides for a restful night’s sleep.

Ron B from Dix Hills, NY

I have been very blessed with good health but as a flight attendant, we are constantly surrounded by individuals that are either contracting a cold, flu, or just getting over one. My co-workers would frequently be sick, but I would feel guilty at times because I felt great. My secret weapon is the Nano D-3 and C plus Zinc, which I spray before, during and after every flight. There have been times when I’ve been so tired and rundown that I'd feel a sore throat coming on, but after 6 sprays of the C plus Zinc in my throat prior to sleep, I wake up the next morning feeling great and ready to take on a new day. I've also used the Nano B-12 for many years, and as an elderly lady, I find myself running circles around my co-workers. I have been using Spray For Life for over 10 years. I have had many blood tests over the years and my doctors are shocked with my great test results. I contribute these results to a good diet and most of all, my Spray For Life. It's an inexpensive way to preserve your health, and I recommend it to all.

PS: I have also been an advocate and considered a hero for the Nano Melatonin to assist myself, pilots and other flight attendants with jet lag. We have tried so many different sleep aids over the years discovering most of them just don’t work and the ones that do, make you feel so groggy that you can’t function the next day.  I take 6 sprays 15 minutes before I sleep and I wake up the next morning  refreshed and ready for action. Spray For Life offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and with that, you have nothing to lose.

PSS: I read the wonderful testimonial above about the boy that took the calcium spray after a bone marrow transplant with exceptional results. Any chance that a calcium/magnesium spray may be coming out in the near future?

Marielle K from Columbus, GA

I am most impressed that you should want to reimburse me for the extra USPS shipping increase. I have been taking your spray vitamins and minerals for some time now and wouldn't be without them. The first one which I tried was your B12. As a long term vegetarian I was well aware of the need for taking vitamin B12 and the difficulties in absorbing it with tablets etc, however, when I first tried your Spray For Life B12 I was amazed at the difference it made me feel within a half hour. I have been spraying your vitamins ever since, though it was not easy to obtain them in my country, so out of desperation I tried your US website and I have never regretted it for one moment. You asked me to choose a free product to offset the shipping costs and I think that it would be best for me to choose the Super B Complex as it contains Biotin which my system occationally runs short of.

Thank you so much for being so kind and thoughtful.

Conny M, United Kingdom

Hello Katie,

I am so delighted to hear from you and yes, I would be most happy for you to include my emails in your advertising. I wish more people would use Spray For Life supplements as I have been using vitamin supplements for a lot of years and have tried most of them on the market, as a result I can only say that none come anywhere near the effectiveness of Spray For Life supplements.

Yours Sincerely, Conny

I have had really good experience with the Vitamin B12 Spray For Life Booster. I am a bodybuilder, and I recommend trying this gem, as it really does give a boost in energy! I usually take a Pre-Workout drink before I go to the gym, but not when I use the Spray For Life B12 Booster. I have so much energy at times when taking this, that I use it for my sprints! This is a great aide for those who are active or just want that extra go get'm energy, without getting the shakes that a lot of times go with energy booster drinks etc... Check it out, you won't regret it!!

Marie M. Redding, California

I ordered the B-12 booster, which was delivered promptly. It tastes pleasant and really seems to give me an energy lift. I will re-purchase, and try out a few other products too.

Jasmine B. Perth, Western Australia

I had low vitamin levels until I tried this it really works and I feel amazing! My levels are almost back to normal after only just over a month! So happy with this product!

Jennifer M. Bakersfield, California

My mom is 67 and started taking the Spray For Life products because she was getting B12 shots from her doctor. As a result, her 12 was all over the place, up after the injections and down in a week in the deficiency range. She stopped taking the injections and we ordered the Spray ForLlife B12 and vitamin D3 and what an amazing difference. She just received her blood work from St. John Hospital'sl main lab in detroit and the test results revealed that her B12 was over 1500 pg/ml. Her doctor said that her B12 is incredible and her vitamin D3 is above the optimal range 59 ng/ml. Thank you Spray For Life!!

Mark W. Hollywood, FL

I am pleased with Nano Sleep Melatonin.  I spray it in my mouth just before I go to bed and find I fall asleep in about 10 to 15 minutes.  What I really like is that when I need to get up in the middle of the night, I can fall asleep quickly when returning to bed.  The Sleep Melatonin makes me feel rested the next morning. GREAT STUFF!

Janet H. Stuart, FL

New B-5000 Sports Formula

As a vegan, I need B12. This stuff works fast and boosts energy in minutes. Love it! I recently had my bloodwork taken and my B12 was on the high end of normal --which is great for a vegan.

Deann Harringshaw from Amazon ***** 5 Star

I purchased this for a friend and he stated that he could tell the difference after using the spray - I'll order some for myself when I finish my supply of sublingual B12 liquid, which isn't much.

jsxiantn from Amazon ***** 5 Star




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