Spray For Life® - Nitric Oxide

Scientifically formulated Spray For Life® helps maintain healthy nitric oxide production in the body. Noble Prize winning scientists have found Nitric Oxide helps to support a healthy cardiovascular system.

Now you can support healthy nitric oxide production in your body with our nitric oxide Spray.

What is Nitric Oxide?
Nitric oxide is a gaseous molecule synthesized from the amino acid L-arginine with molecular oxygen by: synthases, neuronal (nNOS), endothelial (eNOS), and inducible (iNOS). Nitric Oxide exercises crucial roles in vascular and neuronal signal transduction, smooth muscle contractility, bioenergetics, platelet adhesion and aggregation, immunity, and cell death regulation.


They don’t call it the miracle molecule for nothing.

Nitric Oxide signals the blood vessels in the body to relax and dilate. This helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body through enhanced circulation and greater cardiovascular performance — benefitting every organ and major system in the body.

Nitric Oxide helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and overall cardiovascular health because it relaxes and dilates arteries, promoting healthy circulation and blood flow.

Circulation carries the oxygen and nutrients you need to function — and thrive. Research suggests that increasing Nitric Oxide levels helps increase our natural energy at the cellular level, without caffeine or stimulants.

Nitric Oxide is intrinsically tied to our ability to function, helping to regulate and fine-tune cardiac function.

By delivering more oxygen to our muscles, Nitric Oxide literally helps us breathe easier. When our body is more efficient, we are faster to recover and slower to fatigue.


Benefits of Nitric Oxide:
Nitric oxide is known to have blood-flow-enhancing effects, and supports healthy delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles during exercise.

What are the benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements for Sexual Enhancement?
How to naturally boost sexual performance:
Some men use Nitric Oxide as a natural way to aid with erectile issues and maintain a healthy sexual experience.

Does the Body Naturally Produce Nitric Oxide?
Yes, Nitric Oxide is produced by the endothelial cells lining the arteries; however, the amount of Nitric Oxide your body produces naturally can decrease as you age.

Can you naturally boost Nitric Oxide Levels?
How to boost Nitric Oxide Levels:
1. Diet: Foods such as Spinach, beets, celery, arugula lettuce, iceberg lettuce, carrots, parsley, cabbage, radishes, collard greens, etc. have small amounts of nitric oxide.

30 day supply, taken twice a day for Optimal Health.

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